The Smallest Detail Must Have Meaning, Serve a Purpose & Be Beautiful.

Our MainStreet 407 Design professionals have a vast amount of experience on different types of projects, such as faith-based projects, retail properties, embassies, bars and restaurants, plus many more. We bring a collaborative effort to meld the common knowledge and to design the most attractive, cost effective and functional building possible.

Mainstreet 407 Design is a full service Architecture and Engineering company serving Americans.

What We Do

MainStreet 407 Design is an experienced firm of licensed professional architects, engineers, interior designers and construction managers.


MainStreet 407 Design has retail experience that crosses many product lines. This experience includes both indoor and outdoor malls/shopping centers, interior stores, hotels and automotive facilities.


Bars and Restaurants

MainSteet 407 Design has designed over 40 bars and restaurants in the DC, Baltimore, Wilmington and Philadelphia markets. This expertise spans many types of facilities, including ethnic restaurants, night clubs, LGBT centered venues and small concert halls.



Our principals and managers’ decades of experience in office construction ranges from ground-up project construction to the retro-fitting of office parks and single purpose facilities, such as the conversion of vacant convenience stores into modern, eye-catching banks and other financial services buildings. Working with MainStreet Design or with your architect when you desire to utilize your own, we can bring your project to fruition on YOUR schedule… as we know “time is money” and that you need to be in your office working as soon as possible.


Statement Buildings

MainStreet 407 Design has been involved in the design of a number of major STATEMENT buildings that “change the face” of the area.



MainStreet 407 Design has been the “go to” designer, in tandem with MainStreet 407 Construction, its sister construction company, in the design-build of several sovereign nation embassy projects. These projects involve design of new facilities, the retro-fit of Ambassadors’ residences, Visa offices, and Embassies, as well as major interior design modifications for all facilities.